Our life is our message

We are a family of 5. We love to  serve Jesus, and travel together too.  Because of that, working like a missionary has been very fun since 1998.  We are  Chilean-Venezuelan, and now Americans. We have served as missionaries in 4 countries (Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela, USA) and  the border of Texas and Mexico. 

I'm Lucho. My passion is: "encouraging people to discover their value and potential, as well as to love themselves, so they can love others!." 

 I'm a Public Speaker and Minister and currently work for Younglife as Associate Regional Director in Houston. 

I have led some foundations such as: Culture Shapers International, Cultural Embassy of Venezuela and Hispanos Houston. I currently work for Young Life... best job ever! 

My Wife Mell, is a YMCA Healthy Living Director in Katy, TX. She has been my right hand during all these years, building of our ministry.  She is my best friend, and the best woman I  have ever met in my life. 

We have 3 wonderful children. Hanna, Lucho & Mariellen. Something that you need to know about The Llancas, is that we are crazy ready to  do what GOD wants us to do.

My Blog

Love is the only message.

"Love is not something you do; Love is where you come from and loves is where you're going. It's the presence of GOD in you called the Holy Spirit."